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Principal's Message

Greetings from MES International school, Pattambi !

I am extremely proud to be a part of this progressive school where ‘all types of learners can learn’. Everything we do at MES International is child centric. Our aim is to make the child future ready – the true goal of education. We provide our kids with the best learning environment wherein a child can excel in academics as well as other co-curricular/extracurricular activities. We give emphasis on ‘how to learn’ rather than ‘what to learn’.

Education is not just knowledge transfer rather it is a lifelong process where a person’s eternity is decided. Our dedicated team of teachers spend quality time to ensure that they inspire and influence their students. Empowerment of children with skills and competencies have gained more traction in today’s world. Keeping this in mind we have started skill clubs in our school to groom our students. We always aim at holistic development of students keeping taking into consideration their innate talents. Launch of soccer academy and language lab are few of the initiatives in our school that enable our students to excel in the respective spears.

Our focus is to provide students with ample of opportunities to evolve as world leaders and thoughtful citizens to make them life ready in the VUCA world. Emphasis is also laid on inculcating values which help them to be responsible citizens of our country and the globe. We also help our students awaken joy, curiosity, and deep desire to solve problems with the help of our teachers. Right from the foundation stage we inspire our students to pursue leadership roles and positively impact those around them.

We are really exited to have our students back in the campus. We have taken good care to adhere to the protocol related to the safety and security of our students and all members of MES family.

We are indeed privileged to be influencers as our fingerprints will never be faded from the lives we touch. Wish you all a wonderful academic year ahead!

Boby Mathew

MA, B Ed, MBA & M Phil



MES International School, Pattambi

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